The First Step to Reinventing Yourself for 2014: Changing Your Hair

Hi everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday. Mine was filled with board games, babies and lots of sweets. Over the Christmas break, I got the urge to switch up my hair. I knew I didn’t want to cut it because 1. I’ve been trying to let it grow long and 2. Shane would kill me. So if you can’t cut it, color it! Although I knew I wanted a different look to start off the new year, I had no idea what color I wanted to go. For those of you who don’t know, going from box-dyed black color isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, I was up for the challenge. My hair is pretty thick (thanks Mom), so I’m never too worried about losing a few strands after lightening it. One thing I’ve figured out throughout many, many years of coloring my hair, is that I look best with dark roots. I’m not 100% sure why this is, but my guess would be that dark color “brings out my facial features.” I don’t know. So with that being said, the only option I had left was to change the color of my ends. Ombré + bright pastels. Ombré has been around for quite some time now, and is still considered a trend (at least I think so). I keep seeing many celebrities and fashion bloggers with some sort of ombré gradient. However, people are starting to get a little more creative with color. We all know about hair chalk, which is a semi-permanent way to add some fluorescent color to your do, but why not keep it permanently? Another trend I’ve been seeing is bright pastel colored hair. As much as I love the way these colors look, there is no way I could sacrifice my whole head to a white-blonde color before dying over it with an extravagant color. That’s a big commitment and since dark hair is a must for me (and also to keep it professional), I had to pass on that option. Okay, back to the ombré. I’ve had typical ombré color before and I didn’t want to fall into the typical burnt orange/blonde color on my ends. I’ve been obsessing over a fashion blogger that I follow on IG, and consistently comes up on my Lookbook app for her flawless grunge style. Besides her outfits are put together so flawless and effortlessly, her fire-red to light blonde ombré hair is just amazing. I decided that she was going to be my inspiration for my new hair. Lua1 Lua4 Lua2 Lua3 Knowing that my hair was pure black, I didn’t want to compromise my entire head. I decided to keep the roots black, and to lighten the ends. I initially went to get it professionally colored, but since it didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted, I took matters into my own hands. Long story short, I bleached the ends and then dyed over it with bright red dye (from Sally’s Beauty Supply). Since red color isn’t known to stay in for very long, I’m hoping the color will ombré itself over time. Once my ends gain a little health back into them, I might add some blonde. We shall see! But for now, I’m happy with my new look. Photos to come! Xo Samantha

Quote of the day: It’s never too late to be brand new

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